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Crystal Wedding Bouquets

Bride's Bouquet Embellished with genuine Swarovski Crystal



Crystal "ELITE" Wedding Bouquet

Includes 2 Dozen Hand made Paper Roses and our Elite Crystal Bouquet Holder.

Over 700 Crystals

6.5" - 7" Standard Size Paper Rose Bouquet

(Your choice of 2 colors)

Price $235

 Crystal Bouquet Holder - Stem Wrap

Shown with Pink & Ivory Paper Roses 

Paper Rose Color # 1
Paper Rose Color # 2

Standard Delivery 4 weeks


Guaranteed 3 week delivery Add $25 

Guaranteed 2 week delivery Add $50 



Crystal Brides Bouquet #730

Crystal Bouquet

Porcelain Flower Brides Bouquet

Adorned with Swarovski Crystals

Porcelain and Crystal Brides Wedding Flower Bouquet

Brides Bouquet # 618

Brides Bouquet #618

Bride's Bouquet # 614

Brides Bouquet # 614

Bride's Bouquet # 625


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All of our crystal embellished accessories are custom made.

Slight imperfections may occur.

To place an order, please email us at .

If we do not respond within 24 hours, please call us at 412-795-1671