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Heirloom Wedding Bouquets

That Last A Lifetime

About Heirloom Wedding Bouquets

 Heirloom Wedding Bouquets is a family owned and operated business. Heirloom Wedding Bouquets specializes in Hand Made Porcelain Like Flowers adorned with genuine Swarovski crystals or pearls. We create custom designed wedding flowers for the entire bridal party. Including corsages, boutonnières, favor centerpieces and cake toppers. 

We have been in the floral industry for over 13 years. In 1995, we opened a full service flower shop and freeze dried business. Along with creating fresh flower designs, we preserved bridal flowers and designed freeze-dried bridal keepsakes. 

We became disillusioned when we discovered that the appearance of the freeze dried designs, which can cost from $300 - $500, only lasted for a few years. No matter what treatments and methods were used,  the flowers did not maintain their original color, shape or texture and eventually turned brown. 

We wanted brides to have bouquets, wedding party and reception flowers that would last a lifetime. We found the answer when we discovered the method of creating our own  lightweight, refined porcelain blend flowers. We then added Swarovski crystals and pearls for an extra touch of sparkle and elegance. 

In 2000, Heirloom Wedding Bouquets was Born!

Our hand made porcelain blend flowers are the newest and most exciting wedding bouquet idea to hit the floral industry in many year! We give our brides heirloom wedding bouquets that can be cherished forever. You can now pass your wedding bouquet down from generation to generation!

Our heirloom flowers are extremely light weight. They are handmade with our own refined, soft porcelain blend. Creating flowers that are slightly supple to the touch. They are not a hard porcelain and will not shatter if dropped. They are very durable and travel well.

Our designs are unique works of art that can be cherished for a lifetime. Each petal, of every flower, is delicately and meticulously shaped by hand. No molds are used to create our flowers. All flowers are handmade in the USA. 

We work closely with each individual customer in order to meet all of their needs to create a perfect wedding or special occasion. There is no additional charge for custom orders on our standard bouquets.


  We are the only company in the world, that creates these exquisite patented flowers!

For answers to your questions:

Check out our FAQ page, E-mail us here or 

Call Toll Free 1-412-795-1671

Please email your order to the above email.

We guarantee a 24 hour email response. If you do not receive a response within 24 hours, please call and let us know our email is not working!