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Heirloom Wedding Bouquets

That Last A Lifetime

Frequently Asked Questions


Do you offer a printed catalog? I am sorry, we do not offer printed catalogs. All of our bouquets are featured online and each bouquet can be customized to your specifications.

How heavy are heirloom wedding bouquets? Our standard size wedding bouquets are extremely light and weigh less than a fresh flower bouquet with a watered holder. Weight is less than a pound.

What are your flowers made out of? We create our flowers with our own unique porcelain blend. We use different blends for each flower that we create . This ensures that you will receive the most realistic look for each flower. Each flower having it's own texture. Our flowers look like porcelain but do not feel like a hard porcelain They are not made out of the typical porcelain that is fired.

Are the flowers very fragile and easily broken?
Our new porcelain
flowers are extremely lightweight. They are made with our own soft porcelain blend creating flowers that are slightly supple to the touch. They are not a "hard" porcelain, they are very durable and hold up while traveling. They will not shatter if dropped.

I want to purchase a bouquet, but I can't decide what to order. What should I Do to make my decision easier? Most brides find it difficult to decide. For your convenience, we offer a simple solution!

If your delivery date is more than 3 months away: You can place your order with colors undecided. Once we receive your payment, we will mail you samples of our porcelain blend colors, crystals and ribbon choices that we feel will go beautiful with your wedding colors. You may also request specific colors. All samples are to be returned with your final color selections. No exceptions will be made. Please see our sample contract for more information..

Can I change the flower color of the bouquet I choose? Each bouquet is custom made for you. You may choose a different porcelain blend color, crystal and ribbon or tulle color. Once you finalize your order, changes cannot be made.

Does my bouquet have to include ribbon or tulle?  All of our bouquets have small amounts of tulle to hide some of the mechanics of the design. It is very small amounts which generally go unnoticed.  All hand tied bouquets require some type of ribbon loops under the flowers.

Can I purchase a different size bouquet than you have listed on your site? Yes, we would be happy to create a larger or smaller bouquet. Please email us for pricing. Our minimum order is $150.

What are the benefits of purchasing heirloom wedding bouquets and designs instead of those created with fresh flowers?

The most popular flowers used for weddings often die before the reception is over.

Unlike fresh flowers, our hand made heirloom flowers can be cherished for a lifetime without any type of preservation methods. 

Fresh flowers that are freeze dried or pressed will loose their original color, form and texture after a few years. In addition, it is less expensive to purchase our heirloom porcelain bouquet than it is to purchase a fresh flower bouquet and have it preserved and enclosed.

Fresh flowers that are preserved in wax will have natural blemishes and in time some of the petals will become brown. They can also be affected by heat. The edges of the petals can become soft and crack.

For more information go to our about us page.

How long does it take to make a bouquet?
Our artisans delicately and meticulously shape each petal, of every flower by hand. It takes approximately 7-10 hours to hand make all of the flowers for a bouquet.

How long does it take to complete and ship an entire bridal party package?
Standard delivery is 14 weeks. However, we do accept last minute orders. A rush fee may be added to last minute orders. Please see bouquet prices for details.

Do you accept last minute orders?
Yes, we have a number of bridal bouquets
in stock that can be shipped within 10 days. Last minute custom orders are accepted. Please see bouquet prices for details.

Do you offer individual flowers. Yes, they are sold stemmed and with a bow. For more information go to our individual stems page.

Do you have glass domes and wall frames available to display my bridal flowers? Although it is not necessary to enclose our heirloom bouquets, we do offer a variety of enclosures. For more information go to our bouquet holder page.

Can you ship a bouquet outside of the United States?
Yes, at times, we do accept orders outside the USA. Orders outside the USA require a minimum order of at least $1,000US. Orders outside the USA must have a delivery date of at least 6 months away.

Are there any type of care instructions for the flowers? Just dust with a feather duster or make up brush and they will last a lifetime. Do not submerge in water. If flowers become wet, set them aside and allow them to dry. Do not place in freezer or leave for an extended period of time in damp conditions.

What is a Tussie Mussie?
It is a bouquet of flowers designed in a cone shaped holder. They originate from the 1800s Victorian Era.

Do you sell individual Tussie Mussies? We are currently offering a few of our Tussie Mussies without a bouquet. Please see our bouquet holder page for more information.

What bouquet options do you offer for the bridal party? Our hand made flowers make a perfect keepsake gift for your bridesmaids. We offer a line of individual heirloom flowers and bridesmaids bouquets that will last forever. Prices starting at $35 each. Click here for more information. You will find a selection of our most popular bridesmaids bouquets along with discounts when ordering 3 or more bridesmaids bouquets.

Our heirloom porcelain blend flowers are so realistic that you can even choose to use fresh flowers for your bridesmaids.

E-mail us at porcelainbouquet@aol.com 

Please email your order to the above email.

We guarantee a 24 hour email response. If you do not receive a response within 24 hours, please call and let us know our email is not working!

Call Toll Free   1-412-795-1671