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Heirloom Bridal Bouquets

That Last A Lifetime

Our wedding photos do not capture the true beauty of our flowers.  Each photo on our site enlarges to show the detail. Sample flowers are available, click here.

Click images for details.

A few of our custom Wedding & Bridal Bouquets

& Other new and exciting products!

Medium "D" Rose and Medium Calla Lilies Wedding Bouquet

# Porc 720

Calla Lily and Rose Wedding Bouquet

Click Here For Pricing

  Swarovski Crystal Corsage Wristlet

7.5" Adjustable Velcro 

Crystal Wrist Corsage

Price $40


  Wrap your stems with Crystals Bouquet Holders

More Information


  Wrap your stems with Crystals

 NEW! Solid Crystal Stem Huggers!

Limited Time

Solid Clear Crystals with a velcro strip to add to your fresh flower stems. Adjustable - One Size fits all Stems.

Please allow 4 weeks for Delivery

Price $140


Swarovski Crystal Monogram & Crystal Embellished Ribbon 

Cake Topper

crystal cake topper - crystal bow

 Price $140

Includes 5" fully decorated Monogram Letter & Crystal Embellished Bow

Total Measurements are 4.5" x 7"

Crystal Stem Wraps 

Watch your stems sparkle and dance with color!

Click Here For More Information

Porcelain Bouquet #714
Summer Wedding Bouquet

Porcelain Bouquet #712
Swarovski Crystal  Wedding Bouquet

Click here for wedding bouquet Pricing

Porcelain Bouquet # 715 
Ivory Wedding Bouquets

click here for more information 

Crystal Ribbon by The Yard

Wrap your stems and make a bow with Swarovski Crystals!

 Crystal  - Stem Wrap, Hugger

Click Here For More Info


Wedding Bouquet of Tiger Lilies

Tiger Lilies Bridal Bouquet

Click Here For Pricing

Porc. Bouquet #703

Wedding Bouquet of 

Medium Blue and Ivory Flowers

Wedding Bouquet of 

Pink Roses and White Calla Lilies

Bridesmaids Bouquet of Light Blue Medium "D" Roses with Capri Blue Crystals

Bridal and Bridesmaids bouquet of Light Blue Large Calla Lilies with Sapphire Crystals

Porc 684

Dark Red Medium Calla Lilies with Black Diamond Crystals

Porc 677

Cascade Bouquet of Medium "D" Regular and Reality Roses in assorted sizes 

adorned with Swarovski Pearls

Porc 670

Ice Blue and White Bouquet

Porc 681

Pink & White Rose Wedding Bouquet

Click here for wedding bouquet prices

Porc 676

Bridal White Reality Roses

Bridal White Rose Bouquet

 Great bouquet for bridesmaids!

Porc 674

Large Tiger Lily with Stephanotis flowers and hydrangeas

 Great bouquet for bridesmaids!

Porc 671

Round Wedding Bouquet

Ivory Medium "D" Roses

Jamie Wedding Bouquet

Medium "D" Roses with Small Reality Roses and Stephanotis

click here for more information

Petite Bouquet Cake Topper 

Porcelain Cake Topper

More Information

Porc 667 X-Large 10"

Red Medium Reality Rose Bouquet

Click here for more information

Porc 668

White Reality Rose Bouquet with Stephanotis

Bouquet Pricing

Sequin Bouquet Holder


Porc 657

Hand Tied Assorted Reality Rose Bridal Bouquet

More Information

Crystal Hand tied

Elite Bouquet Holders

 Crystal Bouquet Holder

Clear Crystals $155

Bride's Bouquet

Reality Roses & Stephanotis

Porc 648

Click Here For Pricing

Bridesmaids Bouquet

Reality Roses & Stephanotis

Porc 649

Click Here For Pricing

Large Calla Lily Bouquet

in Hot Pink and Ivory

Porc 647


Roses with Leaf Bow and Stem

# Porc 636

Yellow Rose Wedding Bouquet

More information

Tiger Lily Brides Bouquet

# Porc 634

Tiger Lily Wedding Bouquet

More information

Lilac Crystal Bouquet

# Porc 633

Crystal Lilac Bouquet

More information

Rose wedding Bouquet

# Porc 623

More information

Crystal Wedding Bouquet with Ivory Roses and 100 Crystal Stems

# Porc 618

Click Here for Wedding Flower Pricing

Assorted Small Roses

Hand Tied Wedding Flower Bouquet

# Porc 617

Bling! Bling!

Crystal Studded Bouquet Holders by Jem-ma!

Click image for details

You asked, we listened!

Our Roses can now be purchased without the crystal
and pearl centers! Creating a blossom that is amazingly

New! "Reality" Rose
Reality Rose Bouquet

Any rose can be replaced with our reality rose collection!

Additional charges apply!

Bridal Bouquet #Porc410

Cascade Bridal Bouquet


Personalized Guest Books

More information

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Round~ Tussie Mussie's~ Cascade

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