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Heirloom Wedding Bouquets

That Last A Lifetime

Handmade flowers Adorned with Swarovski Crystals or Pearls

Hand tied Wedding Bouquet #Porc 119

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Stephanotis Bouquet

White Stephanotis with Crystal AB Crystals


Stephanotis Brides Bouquet

White Stephanotis with Pink Pearls


stephanotis Hand tied Wedding Bouquet

White Stephanotis with both White Pears and Crystal AB crystals

Please see prices below

Stephanotis Bridesmaids Bouquet

White Stephanotis with Light Azore crystals

Petite bouquet - 5" Standard Price $195


Requested Delivery Date

Pricing is determined by your requested delivery date. 

Approximate Bouquet Width of flowers only (tip to tip) 6" 8"
Bouquet Price for a 24 week delivery $315 $385
Bouquet Price for a 20 - 23 week delivery $325 $395
Bouquet Price for a 15 - 19 week delivery $335 $405
Standard shipping 12 - 14 week delivery $345 $415
Bouquet Price for a 10 - 11 week delivery $365 $425
Bouquet Price for a 8 - 9 week delivery $375 $435
Bouquet Price for a 6 - 7 week delivery $385 $445
Bouquet Price for a 4 - 5 week delivery $395 $455
Limited availability    
Bouquet Price for a 2 - 3  week delivery $425 $485
Shipping & Handling Add $30 Add $35

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Custom bouquet orders are welcome.

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