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Tussie Mussie Wedding Bouquets

A tussie mussie is a bouquet from medieval Victorian times. It was an aromatic nosegay of flowers and herbs. Most of our tussie mussie come with a stand to display your bouquet after the wedding.

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Tussie Mussie bouquets starting at $95!

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    Tussie Mussie Bouquet
# Porc

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 Tussie Mussie Bouquet
# Porc378

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  Tussie Mussie Bouquet
# Porc141

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     Tussie Mussie Bouquet
# Porc2

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 Tussie Mussie Bouquet
# Porc243

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 Tussie Mussie Bouquet
# Porc

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All prices include the
tussie mussie holders and stands.

Round~ Tussie Mussie's~ Cascade

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